About EmbellaSnaps

EmbellaSnaps on kid's shoes

Dear New Customers,

I hope you find EmbellaSnaps™ useful. In recent years I found myself scrambling around the house trying to find shoes to match my daughter's dresses before outings. One day I discovered by using a thin magnetic snap, I could interchange decorative embellishments on my daughter's shoes, making them coordinate and look new again. I began inserting magnetic snaps into my pillows, lamps, purses, and belts. The results were remarkable. Retro-fitting EmbellaSnaps to my accessories is fun and economical. I want to share EmbellaSnaps with everyone! My Designer Line of EmbellaSnaps is designed and made in New York City with the finest materials. My Kids Line is affordable and fun for young girls to use. My DIY Couture Kit includes everything you need to make your own EmbellaSnaps. There is something for everyone and I hope you will enjoy this product as much as I do.


Natalie Gibby
President & CEO