How EmbellaSnaps Work

Curious about the EmbellaSnaps™ interchangeable embellishment system? Well you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of answers to some common questions. Still have questions? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to respond.

Common Questions

What are EmbellaSnaps and how do they work?

EmbellaSnaps are a simple way to attach interchangeable embellishments to accessories. All of our flowers have been fitted with a thin magnetic snap and come with a fastener kit.

What is a fastener kit?

A fastener kit contains all the parts needed to neatly and securely insert the adjoining snap piece into an accessory. A fastener kit has at least one adjoining snap piece with prongs, 1 metal washer, 1 1" square of plastic canvas, and 1 adhesive felt circle.

Is the fastener permanent once fitted to an accessory?

Yes. The EmbellaSnap system effectively attaches embellishments to items in place of glue or thread. Once the fastener has been permanently secured into place, all EmbellaSnaps can be interchanged.

How is the EmbellaSnaps fastener attached to an accessory? Is it hard to do?

Inserting the fastener is very simple to do. Please visit our How To page to see our 5 step picture and written instructions or watch a video tutorial.

See how to retro-fit the EmbellaSnaps system in 5 easy steps